Our Strategy

Our Vision

As increasingly complex security risks need to be counter with shrinking budgets, our vision remains true to our
Lead, through innovation, the high-end security market by enhancing total value, while improving customers
experience through leading edge products.

Our Mission

High-level, cost-effective security is essential to our clients. As security partners, public and private enterprise,
STS is entrusted with critical parts of our clients’ business process.
is to develop products and processes for internal and external excellence and to integrate these into our
clients’ business in a manner that improves quality and reduces costs – an added value that is measurable, demonstrable
and worthy of a premium.


Our goal

Is to provide the best security services in the market to multinational corporations & organizations,
embassies, and investors.

STS uniformed security guards and their supervisors are highly professional, competent and dedicated officers,
with expertise ranging from basic security functions to crisis management and emergency response; they are also
well-versed in emergency medical procedures.

Our Spirit

STS consistent growth and success is a genuine testimony to our clients’ appreciation.
Our reputation for service excellence and quality gives us a unique capacity to develop long- lasting partnerships
with our clients.